Lakers Over Celtics: My Top 10 Observations

10. With a combined 32 championships, isn't this the all-time greatest rivalry in sports? Thought so. 

9. Kobe Bryant may be one of the greatest players of all time, but don't be shocked if Boston point guard Rajon Rondo is the best player on the court.

8. The Dallas Mavericks finished their season back in April. Doesn't the loss to the Spurs feel like years ago?

7. Speaking of the Mavs, their path to a possible NBA Finals won't be helped by the 57th pick in this year's draft. To complete the woeful 2008 trade for Shawne Williams, Dallas yesterday sent the 57th pick to Indiana, leaving it with only the 50th pick in this month's draft. Yawn.

6. Lakers center Andrew Bynum says his knee isn't right. Not that it will matter.

5. I don't think much of Doc Rivers. Before he was presented with Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, his Paul Pierce-led Celtics won 24 games. Considering the success the Suns had against the Lakers in the West Finals, wonder if he has the balls to trot out a zone defense? 

4. Over/Under for Kobe game-winning shots: 1.5.

3. Two years ago the Celtics beat the Lakers in six. But Boston is older and the Lakers are better. L.A. in 6.

2. The series hasn't even started and I'm already weary of hearing the name LeBron James.

1. Kobe has four rings. If he gets five, even six, do we consider him on the same level as Michael Jordan? Nope.

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