Land Inside Dallas Jail Between February and May and You Could Wind Up in TV Doc

Back in November the Dallas County Commissioners signed off on part2 Productions' pitch to shoot a season's worth of Hard Time in the Dallas County Jail on behalf of the National Geographic Channel, which would have taken some 120 days and netted the county upward of $120,000. Alas, we find out via the briefing agenda for commissioners court tomorrow that deal's off -- "due to scheduling conflicts."

Which works out well: As you'll see below Electric Sky Productions, a British production company that brought its 3D equipment into the county jail for a look-inside tentatively called Outsiders, is ready to come back and stick around for a while. Per the pitch:

The planned production is a ten (10) part documentary series exploring life inside Dallas County Jail. The production would also follow inmates through the court process. In each episode, the cameras would catch the real day-lo-day experiences, challenges and the pressures officers face dealing with a variety of unpredictable inmates from new arrestees to maximum security. The series would allow the public to be immersed into the reality of life inside jail and the courthouse to help viewers understand the issues involved in running such a facility.
The earlier short will air on Discovery Channels' 3Net in the spring. Not sure when or where the tentatively titled Inside Dallas Jail will air, only that Electric Sky's getting a price break: Where part2 was to pay $1,000 a day, the Brits are only on the hook for $750. All the details are below. Shooting starts February 13. Pardon ... filming begins February 13. So we're clear. Long story short: Get tossed in county jail in the coming months, and chances are you'll be asked to go on TV. Which is better than appearing in Electric Sky's other Dallas-based doc: The Castration Cure.

Inside Dallas Jail

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