"Last Night Was a Bitch," Other Mothereffing Moments From Rangers' Pre-Game 7 Pep Talks

For sports bootleg collectors, this is pure gold: six minutes of motivational cursing from the Texas Rangers' locker room in the moments before Game 7 World Series. Dozens of copies, all from

Joe Sports Fan

, landed in the Unfair Park in-box overnight, and

for most



is skipper Ron Washington's foul mouth -- as though you'd expect anything less from The OSB the night after The Biggest Sports Disaster in Dallas-Fort Worth History, some of it his doing. But his isn't the only voice you hear on the tape; among others, there's Michael Young too -- The Face of the Franchise, The Butcher of First Base.

Better waker-upper than 12 cups of coffee, but if you haven't figured it out by now, Not Safe For Work. Good Lord, no. No.

Update at 12:54 p.m.: From ESPNDallas's Richard Durrett:

The Texas Rangers are investigating who recorded and then leaked manager Ron Washington's speech prior to Game 7 of the World Series.

"It's unacceptable for this type of thing to be out there," Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said Monday. "It was a private moment for the team, not meant for anyone else's ears. We're looking into it, probably won't have additional comments until we've finished that process."


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