Late Notice, But, Hey, It's Story Time!

Because Texas Observer managing editor David Pasztor asked so nicely -- in an e-mail that begins, "Yo, dipshit" -- we're going to toss out a recommendation that you head immediately to the Lakewood Theater to check out readings from the Texas Observer by Lou Dubose, Wade Goodwyn and Jake Bernstein, plus reminiscences about the late, great Molly Ivins and music by Jimmie Dale Gilmore. Show starts at 6 p.m.; best get moving.

We think Pasztor, a former staffer for the paper edition of Unfair Park, may still be a little chapped that we didn't give his current paper enough props for the work they did on uncovering abuses by staff at the Texas Youth Commission. Hope this squares it some, David. (Oh, and bite me, you big pinko.) And while you're there, kick in a suggested contribution of $10 -- or more is welcome -- to support the media bastion of progressive politics in Texas. Go ahead. Doing that probably won't technically make you a Commie. --Patrick Williams

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