Lawsuit Alleges Mexico's Consulate in Dallas is a "Lawless World Where Rules Do Not Exist"

If nothing else, attorney Larry Friedman's petition filed yesterday in Dallas County County District Court -- a class action lawsuit in which four Dallas County residents and one living in Monterrey, Mexico, allege "corruption and greed" at the Mexican Consulate on Stemmons Freeway -- is a great read. Dig it: "When you step inside the Consulate you step into a 'lawless' world where rules do not exist, where corruption, ethical violations, bribery and kickbacks reign supreme." Dibs on the movie rights.

The suit alleges that one attorney representing himself as the consulate's general counsel isn't actually an attorney, and that another man representing himself as same pays off the other guy for "the right to be the exclusive referral attorney for all the potentially lucrative injury cases from the families of the victims that come to the Consulate for help." Courthouse News has the lengthy summary. Developing, as the kids say. Till then, Friedman clearly needs a literary agent.

Update: Guess who reads Unfair Park. Go ahead, guess. You got it: Enrique Hubbard Urrea, consul general at the Mexican Consulate here. He's coming to Unfair Park HQ tomorrow to tell "the other side of the story."

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