Lee Harvey Oswald's Trial Finally Available on DVD. Hmmm, Wonder Why.

Oh, yeah, because on November 22, Dallas will be filled with conspiracy theorists using the 45th anniversary of John Kennedy's assassination to peddle their thick tomes filled with Last Words and Conclusive Research that proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that JFK was gunned down by Fidel Castro, Oliver Stone and Jimmy Hoffa working in cahoots with Nikita Khrushchev, Lyndon Johnson and the Penguin, if I have my theories correct. Well, in advance of this always entertaining hot-and-bothered hoedown scheduled to take place at the Adolphus November 21-23, MPI Home Video today is releasing the not-seen-in-two-decades On Trial: Lee Harvey Oswald.

For those with vague memories of seeing this on TV long, long ago, yes, it's the very same made-for-cable epic in which Vincent Bugliosi tries Oswald for murder, while a pre-fringe Gerry Spence acts as his defense counsel -- in front of a jury of real-live Dallas folk, no less. Someone's been sneaking footage to YouTube in recent months, but, really, it'll make the perfect gift for the Jim Marrs in your life. --Robert Wilonsky

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