Texas Rangers

Let's Get Cliff Lee ... AND Zack Greinke

Is that doable?

Seems like it. Although the Kansas City Royals are reportedly getting impatient with the Texas Rangers' low-ball offers.

I understand the odds are against the Rangers getting Lee, who is now also talking to the Boston Red Sox. But - dream with me here a little - how would a staff of Lee No. 1 followed by Zack Greinke at No. 2 look?

Let's get greedy ... clapClapCLAPCLAPCLAP ... Let's get greedy ...

The Royals want two impact prospects, with one preferably being a pitcher, in return for Greinke, who is under contract through 2012 at $13.5 million a season (again, the ballpark improvements can wait.) They also want another player or two capable of supporting roles on a major-league club.

Fine. Done. Right?

We've heard about the Rangers' star-studded farm system for years. Time to use those assets to get this team over the World Series hump.

How about shortstop Jurickson Profar, outfielder Engel Beltre and we'll throw in Derek Holland and Tanner Scheppers. Oh, but in return, we'll also transfer to you the $24 million we somehow still owe A-Rod.

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Richie Whitt
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