Deathly Silence

Nary a word: I am so glad that at least some of these stories are surfacing; however, it seems to me the biggest change from then to now is that now a murder would be investigated ("Forget Me Not," March 1). I am willing to bet that you will not receive a tenth of the amount of letters you have received about the chicks at the Dallas Zoo. After the story about the murders of young Hispanic women, there was nary a word. But let people disagree with a review of their favorite band and people become rabid.

Lisa Austin

It Is Rocket Science

Tragic disappointment: I enjoyed your recent article regarding Beal Aerospace ("Love & Rockets," March 1). After talking with Beal for over a year, during which I was a nuclear engineer with the Navy, I joined Beal in February 2000 and shortly thereafter took over Michael Cardin's work as the H2O2 project manager.

My time with Beal will always be a favorite memory. It was an amazing time with amazing people, and as you point out, the closure was extremely emotional. I left Beal in June 2000 for personal reasons that brought me back to California, where I started a new career as a management consultant, but I did keep thoughts in the back of my mind of someday returning to Beal.

Reading your article brought back many of the exciting memories as well as the tragic disappointment I felt last October when Beal closed its doors. Although I have kept in touch with many from Beal, I have not been to the building since the closing, and the thought of the lifeless building burdens me with much sadness. It seems more a memorial than a building.

In some regards, I think many of us feel as if we have lost a family. It was a great and exciting time, and I feel eternally fortunate for having had the opportunity to be part of the adventure--often wondering if I will ever find such a unique and satisfying opportunity again.

Andrei Perumal
Los Angeles

Plain Ignorant

Wake up, Joe May: It sounds like Joe May (Buzz, Feb. 22) has been spending the past decade with his head in the sand instead of reading Supreme Court opinions or simply opening his mind and eyes to what Republican judges have done to the Voting Rights Act. There will be no more drawing of lines based on race, and the only racial consideration in drawing lines is to make sure there is no regression (For example: The city submits a plan for one Hispanic district). It is cruel and ignorant for May to stand before the Hispanic community or any faction of the community and spew misinformation that will only lead to profound disappointment and, potentially, apathy among voters. Wake up, Joe! This isn't 1990--this is 2001, and the rules have changed and probably won't change again, especially in light of the newly selected president.

Unfortunately, the only use for his "Hispanic" district maps will be wallpaper for his home. I urge Hispanic elected officials and leaders to get educated and read the most recent voting rights cases and holdings by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court before you hold press conferences and offer maps to governing bodies for consideration. May's statement that his only consideration is to maximize Hispanic districts would be Exhibit "A" that the plan is illegal, under existing case law.

Diana Orozco-Garrett
Santa Fe

Bunny Business

Way to go, PETCO: Regarding the March 1, 2001, Buzz column: PETCO Regional Coordinator Terri Gunn says PETCO broke its promise never to sell rabbits in its stores simply because customers were requesting rabbits. Sorry, PETCO, but a promise is a promise; you are supposed to keep your word once you give it. PETCO is acting like it is being forced to sell rabbits. "Oh, if only the rabbit rescuers would set up adoptions in our stores, we wouldn't have to sell rabbits. It's the rabbit rescuers' fault that PETCO is selling rabbits!" The fact is that most shelters are short-staffed and often rely on volunteers. Not all shelters have the resources to set up adoptions anywhere else but in their own facility. Why won't PETCO send its customers to shelters to adopt a rabbit? No one has an answer for that one.

And, as if lying isn't bad enough, my own personal experiences at PETCO have revealed its employees don't have a clue how to take care of rabbits. For example: On November 11, 2000, I visited the Grapevine PETCO. The assistant manager could not determine the sex of the rabbits, did not know the ages, and could not correctly identify what breeds they were selling. On December 2, 2000, I paid another visit to the same store. I examined the two rabbits for sale and discovered one was male and one was female. Since these were both adults, the female was most likely pregnant. Way to go, PETCO, selling pregnant animals! Talk about customers getting more than they bargained for! What do you suppose would have happened to all those baby rabbits?

How many people think PETCO should stop selling rabbits? According to www.123petitions.com, 674 and counting.

Janet Livingston
Secretary, North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary
Rhome, Texas

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