Silence Is Golden

Good riddance: Thank God! That fool Tom Kamb is finally gone ("Sound of Silence," August 9). Silence really is golden. For months, KLIF listeners have endured verbal assaults from the mouth of quite possibly the most offensive person ever to sit behind the mike on AM 570. As an intermittent listener myself, I have avoided 570 like the plague from 2 p.m.-6 p.m. Now, let me be honest. There have been times, extremely few, when I have agreed with Mr. Kamb. Yet even at those times I could only tolerate him for minutes at a time. I can't believe that KLIF actually considered him to be a good radio host or even a reasonable facsimile thereof. Goodbye, Mr. Kamb, and good riddance.

Dan Hardman

Blowhard darling: After reading Eric Celeste's article about Tom Kamb leaving KLIF, all I can say is, "What a load of crap!" Although Mr. Kamb may need time off to grieve over the death of a loved one, I don't believe that's why he left KLIF. Working only four hours a day with weekends off leaves plenty of personal time. And KLIF's excuse--"It was not healthy for him to stay on the air"--is weak.

Mr. Kamb was hired to be KLIF's blowhard darling, but it didn't click. The louder he screamed, the louder Dallas yawned. As his ratings went from bad to worse, Mr. Kamb's huge ego couldn't handle it, so he ran. Had his ratings been good, I have a feeling he would have found time for the "grieving process" here in Dallas.

Tony Garrett

Re: Wet Dog and Urine

A foul wind from Wichita Falls: The recent article by John Gonzalez concerning the decline of the Cowboys ("Falling Stars," August 9) may be accurate in its assessment, but the several over-the-top, condescending remarks about the good folks of Wichita Falls were below-the-belt cheap shots.

I was stationed up there in the late '50s and have gone back several times, and I've found no "packs of aboriginals." There may be a Circle K that "smells like wet dog and urine," but guess what, John, we have those right here in sophisticated Big D!

I've found the local people to be friendly, kind and helpful (despite an eccentric mayor). Plus, what's wrong with a community having a lot of churches?

So, John, don't dump on the folks from Wichita Falls; the wind might blow it back in your face!

Dick Avery

Inventing insults: Childish, gratuitous, mean-spirited, pointless, unrelated to the subject, slanderous, unwarranted and unconscionable. All describe the second paragraph of John Gonzalez's article. I cannot speak to the balance of the article since I never got past this paragraph--and do not intend to. Anyone who would write this crap cannot possibly have anything to say that I would find even remotely interesting. What possible purpose is served by inventing insults to heap on Wichita Falls? This is pure trash and certainly does not qualify as journalism. It would be even more shocking if I thought this article was actually reviewed by one of your editors, but clearly, that's not possible--is it?

Via e-mail

Buy Me Some Peanuts...

And Crunch 'n Munch: Mr. Tom Hicks has a specific interest in the popular snack Crunch 'n Munch ("Peanuts, Popcorn and Mee Grob," August 2). This is the reason why, unlike every ballpark in America, ours in Arlington does not offer Cracker Jack. Your usually stellar journalistic effort was peanutlike, in that your qualified reporter took at face value the comment from a source that the Ballpark in Arlington does not offer Cracker Jack because sales were lackluster. There is a bigger, more important story here. Follow the money...to the concession stand.

Darryl Beeson

Soak the Middle Class

The rich can afford it: When I went to protest our property taxes before the Dallas Central Appraisal District on June 13, I pointed out some of the same examples highlighted in your article "The Little-People Tax" (July 12).

If Mark Cuban actually did pay the reported $15 million for his residence, then the fair market value is $15 million--not $11 million. Surely someone with Mark's business acumen is not going to pay 136 percent of fair market value for any property. And no one believes that Scott Ginsburg acquired, within 18 days of listing, the prime Park Lane property for less than half the asking price of $22 million. You can bet the commissions paid to the real estate agents were based on more than a $10 million sale.

And, everyone knows that even Ebby Halliday would not list her own Preston Hollow home for a mere $504,000. If they can afford the luxury, they can afford the taxes.

I was surprised to learn from Don Estes, supervisor of residential appraisals, that DCAD does not have a "fraud" division. Settlement documents submitted by owners go virtually unscrutinized. Several tactics can be used to combat the rule of nondisclosure for million-dollar estates when fraud is suspected:

1. Hire outside independent appraisers who will not be influenced by individual owners.

2. Require the owner (not an agent or representative) to sign, under penalty of perjury, a written declaration of the actual sales price.

3. Subpoena records from the previous owner.

4. Subpoena closing documents from title companies.

5. Subpoena the fee appraisals done by lenders.

6. Subpoena commission records from real estate agents.

But until Foy Mitchell has the courage to implement changes to reflect fair market values, the wealthy will continue to rip off the city and county of Dallas.

Linda Guadarrama

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