Darlie's defenders
The pictures in your article ["Defending Darlie," August 6] should awaken some people to what has been done to my daughter. There is so much more that we cannot make public because of her appeal. If you think for one moment that the officials in our judicial system will not "bury and hide" facts on her case to retain their win, well, it is time to wake up to reality. Our judicial system is all about men and their careers. It has nothing to do with the truth.

People should go to the Web site and read the small portion of the transcript we have posted. The lies that were stated under oath are just astounding. The fight will continue for the truth, regardless of how each "player" feels about theories or methods involved.

We all agree on one thing: Darlie Routier is an innocent victim.
Darlie Kee
Via e-mail

I want to thank you for the consideration and effort that Ms. [Ann] Zimmerman put into the Routier story. I felt it was informative and well needed in such a horrible media frenzy we've been living in for two years. Thanks for getting out the Web site so that more can learn the injustice we live in every day. The question is, What does the general public do to undo such a terrible wrong that has been done to my wife? Thanks for all the prayers, and I urge people to seek the truth, because it's right under all of our noses.

Darin Routier
Via e-mail

I was appalled by your statement that there was substantial evidence against Darlie Routier. You said the crime scene appeared staged. You mentioned the "infamous" birthday party. You think this is truth? First of all, the police admitted to moving things about. Second, the time line established by the sock does not give her enough time to commit this crime and stage the crime scene. And what is so terrible about celebrating a life? To sum up, the case against her consists of circumstantial evidence and no motive. The prosecution would have us believe that a normal, loving mother turned into a psychotic killer overnight. Furthermore, the inconsistencies in Darlie's statement are due to the trauma of the attack and her being on Demerol after her surgery! There never were any inconsistencies in Darin's statement, and that's why even the unscrupulous district attorney's office has been unable to charge Darin in the offense. And if Darin is not guilty, then Darlie is not guilty.

Via e-mail

As creator and Webmaster of Darlie Routier's Web site (sponsored by her family and supporters), I would like to thank the Dallas Observer for publishing such a thorough and objective article about Darlie and the events that have turned her life into a nightmare since June 6, 1996.

I got involved in this project because I felt that Darlie had received an unfair trial, even though I didn't know her or any of her family, friends, and supporters. As time goes by, more and more people are realizing that this young woman was railroaded right onto death row. The jury seems to have made their decision based on the premise of "guilty until proven innocent." One juror even made a comment to that effect after the trial, saying that Darlie didn't prove that she was innocent. One wonders what kind of instructions this jury was given.

It is incomprehensible to me that a person can end up on death row based on evidence like that used against Darlie Routier. The big message here is that this could happen to you!

Now we wait for the "powers that be" to realize the gravity of the enormous mistake that has been made in this case. Maybe they will; maybe they won't. For all of our sakes, let's hope that they do.

Linda Hutchins
Via e-mail

Congratulations to Ann Zimmerman, who made such a clear and objective presentation of Darlie's case in displaying inconsistencies the state itself allowed to take as a basis to railroad a grieving young mother to death row and almost destroy an already victimized family.

We hope the last ignorant people are finally waking up and raising their voices to help this grieving mother now.

We are friends of Darlie in Germany, and want to tell all readers that we have set a three-language Web site for her under: http://members.aol.com/bkytransl/darlie-support/darlie-en.htm. By now, we receive e-mails from horrified people as far as the Ivory Coast in Africa who want to help Darlie.

She is completely right with saying that she would behave again as she did at the gravesite. We know personally a family who lost a daughter through murder, and they behaved as she did. Her behavior was nothing but the greatest expression of love toward her murdered children, whose death she tried to deny in this way, since it was too cruel to accept the reality. We cannot imagine any worse crime than to victimize such a mother further like this.

Berthold and Christine Kynast
Via e-mail

Great article! The truth is, Darlie is innocent. How can you ever get into a person's psyche to discover how they handle their emotions? No two people are the same, and she deals with her feelings her own way. I wish there were something I could do for her. I have a stack of "Free Darlie" stickers that I hand out to people I think will be of help. I have sent money for her appeals fund. I write her letters. Other than that, I feel so helpless. I would love to be able to help.

Via e-mail

I have always thought that Darlie is innocent. The fact that a jury could actually convict her with so little evidence is as appalling as it is scary. How horrible would this be if it happened to you or one of your loved ones? I hope that eventually this case will shed some light on police work and how many people can be misled if told certain things. I urge anyone who feels Darlie is innocent to keep up the fight for her life, as I plan on doing.

Janis Berggren
Via e-mail

I followed Darlie's case and realized early on that she was innocent. The facts speak for themselves. I started writing letters to her to offer support. She is a wonderful person, and I care very much about her. She has suffered so much. I pray every day that she will be set free.

Valerie Baird
Via e-mail

I believe Darlie is innocent. I wanted to thank you for your truthful accounts of the unfair trial against Darlie. My heart goes out to the family and friends who know Darlie. I pray for her release.

Misti Hull
Via e-mail

Bones to pick
I was thrilled to see Darlie Routier on your cover. However, please understand my contempt when I finished this article. Facts were wrong. It's Darlie Kee, not Key, and Greg Davis, not Curtis. The reporting was weak. Surely your reporter could have found more than two sources, Darlie and Brian Pardo, and The Dallas Morning News. There are so many issues in her case that could have been explored. Instead, the story simply rehashed stuff that has been known for some time. Darlie Routier's story is both controversial and tragic. It is the perfect subject for "investigative journalism." Unfortunately, your paper committed neither investigation nor journalism.

Via e-mail

Last week's cover story, "Toxic justice," incorrectly described famed law professor W. Page Keeton as "late." We're happy to report we were wrong. Keeton is alive and living in Austin. We apologize for the error.

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