Swinging Dallas
I can't quite figure this out. Dallas Ken Doll vice officers spend two hours inside the Jet Set (read barn off the beaten path that no one knew about) before they noticed anything of note, and they had to clear two doors to do so ["Intent to arouse," December 4].

A quick stroll through one of Dallas' many public parks near the same area would have provided the officers with instant gratification (arrest-wise) for little effort. Every time I walk my dog, she gags on the used condoms all over the ground.

Funny, I agree with the attorney--Bob and Harriet visiting from Topeka are more likely to run into what I have than be caught unwittingly inside the Jet Set.

Via e-mail

In response to your article on swingers...I live in a nice neighborhood that has been riddled with crime recently. My neighbors have had to wait hours after reporting a crime, yet it seems that our local vice department has plenty of time on its hands. Perhaps they should be reassigned to help the uniformed officers handle serious crimes.

To my shock and amazement, the city of Dallas has decided that it is going to be our guide to morality. Please spare us from this "Big Brother is watching you" cliche. If you want to worry about the morality of this city, perhaps we should start with DISD and the city council. If you want a larger project, vote differently in the next Presidential election--perhaps we'll get someone with moral character.

I have never patronized a swingers club. My personal moral beliefs are not aligned with that lifestyle. Fortunately, I am intelligent, spiritual, and confident enough in my own morality to allow others to explore their preferences. Alas, there are always those who think they know what is best for the masses.

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I find your article very honest, something you don't always find in regard to this lifestyle. Having been a swinger for some 25 years, it has become very complicated for those of us who practice this to seek a fun time anywhere except in a private location. This leaves very few choices as to how to meet or contact people. The off-premises clubs allow a direct contact with others to discuss and get to know them before any other activity occurs. Without them, the contacts become personal classifieds and the Internet. This is a great area of concern for safety and security about those who respond. The area of "perverts" is considerably expanded in both of these areas. On-premise clubs give the lifestyle participant a greater sense of security, though, as history tells, sometimes false.

Your honest and nonjudgmental reporting on this subject is very commendable, certainly not what the other written, verbal, or visual media would do. Keep up the great reporting!

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Sucking sounds
Ms. [Laura] Miller, I have been a fan of yours for a long time, and I was pleased to see you return for the arena issue. I think "That giant sucking sound" [December 11] was great--I only wish all voters would have to read your articles before voting.

I have many concerns about the arena deal and feel it couldn't get any worse than it is currently structured. Since I have been involved in construction for almost 30 years, the fact that Hillwood Development gets total control of the design and construction--plus that there is no competitive bidding--is unbelievable. This will be something to watch if the vote is yes.

What happens if the arena doesn't cost as much as the projected cost? Will the city get a rebate on their $125 million investment? I would like to see a comprehensive breakdown (including cost) of other arenas built in the last few years, such as the Pepsi Center in Denver that just broke ground. Engineering News Record reported this week (December 1 issue) that this $160 million, state-of-the-art arena will be on a 50-acre site that will include 6,400 parking spaces, offices, restaurants, retail, and store development. It will seat 17,600 and 20,100 people, depending on the configuration, and have 95 luxury suites.

This sounds like another arena in the local news for about $65 million less.
Mark Henderson
Via e-mail

My wife and I wish to congratulate Laura Miller for her reporting on the bad arena deal and the fact that the city thinks that the citizens of Dallas are a bunch of idiots. We see through the smokescreen and are able to decipher the truth on the issue thanks to Laura's reporting. We just wish that her articles could be published in The Dallas Morning News so that the type of people who read the News get hit over the head with what is really going on.

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