We really, really apologize
Clearly, your reference to me in the recent edition of the Dallas Observer as a "lawyer" is beyond the pale ["It's all a matter of power," January 23]. You have referred to me as a Government Watch Dog and as a "Killer Gadfly" in the past, but now you have gone too far!

As a result of your unwanted characterization and insult, my children are now being ridiculed by their peers, and I am getting suspicious stares when I go to the grocery store. Just the other day, my normally friendly dog (Newt) took a bite out of me, and my yard man called to say that he no longer wants my business!

All of this is due to your libelous reference.
Please take the appropriate steps to end this vicious, depraved, and vexatious rumor and untruth. I am not an attorney--nor do I have any desire to become one. After all, we watch dogs have our pride.

Richard Finlan

One for Paul
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your article about Councilman Paul Fielding ["Should Paul Fielding go to jail?" December 26]. It was a fair and balanced article; however, you left one question unanswered.

If Fielding is truly guilty, why was the case filed in Sherman instead of in Dallas? Fielding is still one of the few honest city council members on most issues.

Stan Aten

She'll learn
I praise Laura Miller for being a true (here's that dreaded word) feminist in choosing to stay home for a while ["Mommie dearest," January 23]. Both worlds can be had, just not simultaneously sometimes. I'll miss her regular column and wish her luck. Too bad the perfecto mommies who worship their suburban assault vehicles don't have the same goals--raising children with manners and better attitudes.

One hint, though: the "people who know" you, mentioned on page seven, more than likely never see their tulips bloom if they're "pressing" them into "spring soil." Tulip bulbs are most frequently (read: almost always) planted in fall.

Oh! And also pray to God that squirrels (read: rats with bushy tails) don't steal them, too. I think they're already building a new arena with my bulbs!

Kasie Dollins

Tanks a lot
Congratulations to the Observer. You are the first rag that has ever prompted me to hock a loogie on a periodical in mid-read.

I am referring to the "fun Brian (Loncar) stories." How fitting that the last page of the article was opposite a picture of Larry Flynt in an ad for a Borders book signing. I couldn't help transposing images of Loncar and Flynt. Both are fat, scum-wallowing pigs. Loncar rides a tank, and Flynt rides a wheelchair. Both get sued and lose. But enough with the compare and contrast.

Lawyers like Loncar don't seem to be helping or fighting for people as much as they simply process them. Or better yet, he doesn't help clients, he manufactures them. But it's good to know he'll work hard for me if I happen to be hit by a two-time DWI offender with 20+ tickets...like Loncar.

Usually there are two sides to every story, but it was difficult to find the nice side of Loncar. Even when his former office manager, who's suing him for defamation and wrongful firing, tried to show the "generous" side of Loncar, he related a story where Loncar bought a piece of art that makes fun of lawyers. I had to wonder, is this the best example he could remember? Oh yeah, I forgot--Loncar passes out $100 bills to his staff when he makes $20,000 for doing nothing. It's good to know he's not all that bad.

It's also good to know that Loncar is out there chasing ambulances in his tank and stooping to help folks whose cases the highfalutin' lawyers won't take. Don't be cynical, he's providing a much-needed service. I counted over 100 pages of attorney ads in SWBYPs (if you don't count Kraft & Johnson on the back outside cover). These services could be provided with 1/10 the attorneys. Loncar embodies all that makes this country shameful and embarrassing to the rest of the world.

The Observer's expose approach to local celebs, be they bogus or otherwise, is much appreciated and something Dallasites don't get anywhere else.


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