Cracking the door
Thank you for publishing Ann Zimmerman's piece ["Mesquite grilled," September 5]. For the first time in many moons, I see an actual case of [Mesquite's] finest and Dallas' wonderful [District Attorney's] Office at work. You see, so many times what would be a shocking story like yours is never heard, because the victims of police officers and uncaring officials just suffer in ignorant silence.

Why, though, do I continue to see the white mother being pulled over, and then taken at high speeds with sirens and everything (broomsticks) all the way to the house, the yard, the hospital of the shot boy--whatever! If the boy and his grandmother were white. I can't shake that image.

The real point of this letter, though, is to thank you for the small crack in the door. I'm sure you probably know that the jails are full of other black-sided cases of the wonderful work of this city's DA. Maybe I should thank him. Police departments like these lend themselves to cracking doors and reporters who open them, and changes that come after that. Thanks again! Don't cry no more, Helen.

Name withheld
Justin, Texas

False Hope
Thank you for printing the article regarding Gary Lewellyn and his food supplements ["Hot product," June 27]. As a physician who treats children and adults with Attention Deficit Disorder, I am frequently asked if there are any dietary supplements that may help. Since there is no research available, I wondered what was causing these questions. Your article was helpful in clarifying the truth behind the false advertisement for such products.

Frank E. Crumley

Who pays Laura?
I am writing because I strongly disagreed with the article written by Laura Miller ["Woolery's mammoth," August 29]. I am a parent of a Townview student, and Miller has not reported the story about the opening of the school correctly.

We had to follow the construction of the school over a number of years. We have struggled with getting the technology paid for at Townview for a long time. (The community also struggled with getting the building built.) The representatives from IBM talked to parents about what would be required to complete the technology, and, all of sudden, the school district changed companies without an explanation.

I wanted the article to provide the explanation that we did not get from the school district. That is what is more important to me. Miller makes it sound like the $20,000 paid for the trip to South Africa could have paid for all of the missing technology at Townview, and I know that is not true. I wish there were people in the public that were really interested in helping solve the problems.

My daughter participated when the telephone call to South Africa was made. It gave her a chance to visit another country without ever leaving home. I know that I will never be able to send her to South Africa, but I think it is important that the children have unique experiences like that one to allow them to reach out for greater things.

Miller makes that seem like it is the worst thing that has ever happened in Dallas schools, and that it is the reason why the budget ran out. For $20,000! Miller went through the records at the school and interviewed people about $20,000, and did not ask them anything about all the money that the [federal government] has indicted [former DISD trustee Dan] Peavy for. We have waited such a long time to see about that, I would think that she would investigate that first.

And with all the controversy the [Talented and Gifted] parents caused, she never wrote one word when the TAG parents flunked and did not get the school going like they promised. The school district had committed $1 million for those bratty children, not to mention all the money that was wasted rearranging Townview to suit them and that the administration spent to help the charter school get started.

How does the Dallas Observer choose what stories to print, and select what is important to cite as the reason why the school system doesn't work? The trip to South Africa was way back in October of 1995, and a lot of things have happened since then. Why did the paper go way back there and scrape that incident up?

Our school system is a wreck. Miller concludes that the trip to South Africa is the reason why. It is hard for me to believe that the Observer paid her to reach that conclusion. Somebody else must have paid for that article. My child could even have used the money that the Observer wasted to print that article.

Diane Whitaker

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