Life's an Eskimo Pie

Man, I never thought I'd say this, but I kinda liked Steve Blow's and James Ragland's little dialogue on race this past week in The Dallas Morning News. Of course, the bar there is set pretty low -- at least they weren't writing about their love of Luby's.

I'm not saying I didn't cringe some when reading it. That was, um, mighty white of Blow to apologize on behalf of all white people for the historical wrongs done to black people. Taking the sins of a people on his own shoulders ... there was another guy that did that once, and Blow's not him. (I know plenty of white people who aren't sorry at all, including a few relatives and the state of West Virginia, for instance.)

Still, their exchange, while not exactly loaded with original substance, was much riskier and entertaining than what usually graces The News' Metro page. Risk-taking by columnist, what a concept. More please, News. Give us more. In thanks for the series, Unfair Park would like to offer the boys a little musical send-off. Here you go ... --Patrick Williams


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