Is that a light saber in your pocket, or is this your wedding night?

Light Sabers at the Ready!

Busy this Saturday? I know it's St. Patrick's Day and all, but who really wants to go run around on Lower Greenville, downing pints in broad daylight with a bunch of other drunks wearing green? You do? OK, fine. I'll probably see you there.

But on the off chance getting hammered in the daytime in the name of Lucky Charms isn't your thing, and on the even offer chance that you've got a Jedi Knight costume hanging around just ready to be whipped out whenever you're feeling the pull of the Force particularly strongly, I've got your Saturday afternoon plans all worked out.

Courtesy of Craigslist: "Two Jedi Knights in full costume for approximately one hour to serve as wedding ushers." Suhweet! The nuptials of Tony and Jeanette start at 4 p.m. in Fort Worth, and you gotta provide the costume as well as "basic Star Wars knowledge." Pay's negotiable! What are you waiting for, young master?

May the force be with the happy couple. --Andrea Grimes

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