Lightning Round: Two Items For Your Morning Listening, Viewing Pleasure

Note to Fair Park officials: Should you want a copy of this photo, taken during Wednesday night's storm, for promotional purposes -- just a suggestion -- I am sure our friend Justin Terveen will be happy to cut you a deal.

And, speaking of lightning (or "Lightning Blue Eyes"), this bonus bookend for those in need of newish music: Secret Machines outdoors at the Lizard Lounge on October 27, 2006, during the Dallas ex-pats' in-the-round tour. For an audience recording, not bad at all -- it's be nice if Brandon's vocals were more front-and-center, and Josh's drums don't provide quite the thunderstorm rumble of the in-person experience, but, really, at this price who's complaining?

Update at 11:16 a.m.: Justin sends word that shortly after we posted this, WRR-FM (101.1) send word, via its Facebook page, that this very lightning strike caused some technical difficulties at the station Thursday morning. As in: "For those of you asking what happened to our stream yesterday morning... I found the culprit! This photo was taken Wednesday night and that lightening strike looks right on top of our communications building here in FairPark. You should also look through some of Justin Terveen's other photos. They're really beautiful."

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