Lisa Loeb Will Now Take Your Questions

Continuing our tour of local all-girls prep schools and the women who prepped there, we now bring you news of Hockadaisy Lisa Loeb's latest endeavor: advice columnist. Only, sorry, it's Jews-only. OK, fine, not necessarily -- but, see, come Monday she'll been A'ing your Q's over at the Bintel Blog of The Jewish Daily Forward, which is where I expect to be working no later than Simchat Torah. Till then, Gawker this morning offers five questions not to ask Lisa, including my fave: "Shalom, I'm a settler in Migron, a West Bank settlement that violates the UN General Assembly resolution 60/106 of 18 January 2006. My government is planning to evacuate the settlement in the run-up of President Bush's visit. I want to do right by my country but also by my morals. My question to you Lisa is should I stay?" --Robert Wilonsky

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