Live from City Hall

The council's talking now, and I think it's gonna be a sweep, damned near. "Dallas is the ninth-largest city in the country, and we've developed half of it," says Bill Blaydes, who looked like he was dozing during the naysayers' speeches. "There is a major need for what we are doing today."

Now he's offering a stunningly fascinating history of city streets, which pairs nicely with Linda Koop's talk about Boston's rapid transit. (Is this what hell is like? A civics lesson from this guy? James Fantroy loved it: "I was gonna invite Brother Blaydes to the Sunday morning service.")

I think Fantroy is for the plan. Says he: "At last, at last, thank God at last there will be development of southern Dallas." So, yeah. Also, he said you can "threaten" not to vote for the bond election, the Trinity, the "American center," but shame on you for being so short-sighted and so wrong.

And now Ed Oakley's giving Theresa O'Donnell, director of long-range planning, a big, wet kiss for all her hard work. Fregonese is at the podium with her. All that's left is the shouting--Angela Hunt, you're on yer own--and the passing of a version of ForwardDallas! largely bereft of community involvement.

Mayor Laura, yer thoughts? Oh. Wait. Never mind. --Robert Wilonsky

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