Liverpool FC Supporters and Chuck Greenberg Say Same Thing: Tom Hicks Out! Like, Now.

Based on a demand for injunctive relief just filed in Fort Worth bankruptcy court, it looks like Chuck Greenberg's just about had it with Tom Hicks, Hicks Sports Group and the Texas Rangers Baseball Partners. Best I can tell based upon my limited legal experience, most of which comes from watching L.A. Law, Greenberg either wants the team or wants out and is most decidedly sick and tired of court-appointed chief restructuring officer William Snyder's interference (i.e., taking new bids for the Rangers).  Suggested drinking game: Do a shot every time Greenberg and Nolan Ryan's attorneys use the word "breach." You'll be wasted by Page 13.

And, on a very related note, last night I received a missive from Paul Gardner of Spirit of Shankly, the Liverpool FC supporters' union trying to wrest control of the soccer team from Hicks and George Gillett. They've begin a new campaign: Gardner directs our attention to a PDF poster that reads "Tom & George Not Welcome ANYWHERE." And they've asked people to print it out and take a photo with it "in front of a famous landmark, down at the supporters club or just at home." So far, there are more than 250 photos posted, ranging from locals in front of the Rangers Ballpark and the American Airlines Center and Dallas Stars HQ to way-outta-towners in New Zealand, Thailand, Seattle, India, Morocco, Ireland and Jakarta.

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