Local Stonewall'er Garcia Steering Obama's National LGBT Committee

Jesse Garcia

Back in March, there was concern amongst some local Stonewall Democrats that the rift between its Hillary Clinton supporters and Barack Obama backers had become way too "intense." In Clinton's corner was Jesse Garcia, the organization's president; in Obama's, you had Stonewall Democrats of Dallas co-founder Gary Fitzsimmons, the Dallas County District Clerk, who was optimistic that time would heal all wounds even after the Stonewall'ers went with Clinton. Which it more or less has: Late Monday night, Garcias blog debuted on one of Obama's "community blogs," and yesterday the Obama campaign sent out a media release announcing he was among five members thus far serving on Obama’s National LGBT Steering and Policy Committee, after having done the same thing for Clinton the first go 'round. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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