Look, In The New York Times, It's Dallas Theater Center's Superman and Ben Fountain on the State of Dallas's High-End Retail

I'll save the boy's picture of Dallas-done-in-LEGO for tomorrow morning; so too tales of our trip to the crowded-ish Sixth Floor Museum + Cafe, which is far more surreal in person than Andrea describes below (she said nothing of being able to eat in the cafe while watching footage of everything but the assassination). So, for those between parades and fireworks and hangovers, I'll instead direct your attention to two Times tales in this morning's paper -- the first, a visit to the Dallas Theater Center's revisal of It's a Bird ... It's a Plane ... It's Superman!, which, ahem, covers familiar ground in a single bound. Nevertheless, DTC artistic director reminds NYC he's coming for Broadway: "I want to create a new legion of Superman fans."

The Times also asked four esteemed writers to survey the state of the economy. Deep-in-debt-Dallas's Ben Fountain drew shopping duty and noticed that the ol' Highland Park Village ain't as busy as it used to be. (Saw the same thing myself a week ago Saturday -- never, ever, seen the parking lot that empty.) Writes Fountain:

Inside Jimmy Choo I encountered, hmm, no customers. In the antiques store down the way, two. Loro Piana, zero. Escada, zero. Hermès, one. Chanel, zero. According to every sales clerk queried at these fine establishments, business was great, super, fantastic or any one of a number of other perky superlatives. Yet the longer I hung around, the more I sensed the torpor of a dusty Catalan village that time has passed by.

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Robert Wilonsky
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