Look, Pastor Robert Jeffress Doesn't Like Anybody Not Like Him, M'Kay?

The folks at Queerty have taken national the sign outside the First Baptist Church in downtown Dallas -- you know, the one pictured above advertising Sunday's sermon "Why Gay Is Not O.K." Dallas Voice first mentioned it yesterday, noting that Sam Fulcher is planning a protest in conjunction with the speech; FrontBurner picked it up this afternoon, sparking quite the back-and-forth.

Then again, this is the church fronted by Pastor Robert Jeffress, the author of Hell? Yes! who said Mormon Mitt Romney was a member of a "cult" and who, in September, said that "Christians are uniquely favored by God, [while] Mormons, Hindus and Muslims worship a false god." And in the 1990s, he said that homosexuality causes "the deaths of tens of thousands every year through AIDS." He's super-tolerant. Then again, Jeffress has done quite a bit for the gay community: In 1998, while he was pastor at the First Baptist Church in Wichita Falls, he protested the library's carrying such titles as Heather Has Two Mommies and Daddy's Roommate, which only served to make them more popular. --Robert Wilonsky

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