Look, Streetcars! Or: You Find the Most Amazing Things While Stuck on a DART Train.

Took the boy to get some "rare miles" this morning. Took Morgan Lyons's advice too -- stopped at It's a Grind, then caught the train at the Baylor station to make the Texas-OU loop. We were joined by two, three other homegrown tourists out for the morning jog 'round Fair Park and downtown. And it was quite a treat -- the boy came home with a memory card full of photos I'll get 'round to posting later. (My new favorite old building: The U.S. Post Office and Courthouse, which I'd never seen from that side till this morning.)

All went swimmingly till our second trip -- soon as we hit the razor-wire entrance to the Dallas Area Rapid Transit rail yards at Oak Lane and Trunk Avenue at 11:03, the train stopped. For 15, 20 minutes. At which point the boy, a practical lad, begged me to call for help. So I did -- rang up DART spokesman Mark Ball, who we'd seen earlier at the Baylor station.

Ball made some calls himself and found out all trains had been delayed -- someone had suffered a seizure at the Lovers Lane station, halting all traffic up and down the line. The Texas-OU test run had been abbreviated, and the train operator who thought he'd done a clean sweep at Fair Park didn't realize he'd left three passengers on the train. Long story short: Thirty minutes later we were traipsing over rail yard track and put in a shuttle back to the MLK Jr. station. But not before we had plenty of time to gawk at two old TTC streetcars parked along a brick wall, at least one of which used to be in the McKinney Avenue Transit Authority stock.

Then we went to Main Street Garden, where the boy spent 30 minutes running with other kids through the running fountain till well after two. Then we drove the Continental Ave. bridge so he could take some photos of the arch. In all, a rather glorious day.

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