Lookie Here, There Is a Silver Lining to the Texas Rangers' Bankruptcy

Always said A-Rod was a tool. Now, according to the Texas Rangers' ongoing bankruptcy auction in Fort Worth, he's also an elevator.

At least the New York Yankees' third baseman is aligning himself with a Kone Inc., an elevator company that also filed an objection Wednesday to the outline of the auction. I'm paraphrasing here but I believe the elevator company is getting the, um, shaft. (Yep. I actually just typed that.)

A-Rod, who left town for New York in a blaze of "me and 24 kids," says he's owed $25 million in deferred payments and is worried the new owners won't make good on that debt. A-Rod was a great player in Texas, but he also broke the franchise with his 10-year, $252 million deal, took steroids and generally was a punk who did little for the team as far as off-the-field promotions or glad-handing fans.

After the jump I've got a detailed list of all the reasons we should sympathize with A-Fraud ...

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