Luke Wilson Scrubs In to Accept Rushmore's Texas Film Hall of Fame Honor

As promised this morning, here's Luke Wilson accepting the Texas Film Hall of Fame award for Rushmore -- though, as I vociferously and rather drunkenly pointed out to Texas Monthly president Evan Smith after the ceremony, Luke's in the thing for all of the one scene, so how'd he get the honor? Hell, Andrew Wilson has a bigger role, and he was there last night -- at least, I think that was Andrew Wilson behind Zac Crain's beard. Maybe that's why Luke didn't really, ya know, talk about, ya know, Rushmore. (Besides, shoulda inducted the far superior Bottle Rocket. You know I'm right.) Anyway, nice to see Luke dressed for the occasion.

And I did tell Mr. Texas Monthly that Robocop really should be the next Texas-made film entered into the hall. Evan seemed interested; his wife, more so. Alas, no doubt they'll wind up going with The Faculty just to get Jon Stewart to show. Oh, and did I mention Gail Stanwyk was there last night? She's nice.

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