Maddow, Slater Preview Bush's Turn as Matt Foley: "Babbitt Meets the Super Bowl"

Maybe you've heard the radio ads: Rudy Giuliani (didgeridoo), Colin Powell (bass), Terry Bradshaw (lead vocals), Zig Ziglar (banjo), Robert Schuller (keytar), Rick Belluzo (hurdy gurdy) and Tamara Lowe (bagpipes) are getting the band back together for an all-star jam session at the Fort Worth Convention Center this Monday, Monday, Monday. All killer, no filler. And, on spoons and bongos, it's George W. Bush, who's been working as a maître d' at a French restaurant in Preston Royal after a brief stint as a back-up dancer for a touring African combo. All for the low, low price of $19 (for the whole office!), concert tees and 34-tape boxed sets sold very separately.

Last night, Rachel Maddow devoted a fairly huge hunk of her show to the daylong festival, and, for the segment titled "In a Van Down by the River" (remember?), she invited her old pal Wayne Slater of The Dallas Morning News's Austin bureau to once more dissect Bush's brain. Slater has clearly already sneak-peeked the T-shirts: "The Legacy Tour." Because the Victory Tour's already been done. The video's after the jump. Go now, you winner!

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Robert Wilonsky
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