Major League Baseball to Tom Hicks: Do Not Eff Up Rangers Deal ... or Else

Before I left the office last night, I tried to get a comment from Major League Baseball concerning Tom Hicks's admission that the deal with Chuck Greenberg and Nolan Ryan's Rangers Baseball Express is falling apart. Earlier in the day, when I'd gotten wind that this seemingly doomed deal has a make-or-break date that's fast approaching, I'd also sent word to Greenberg's spokesman, ex-Mavs man Kevin Sullivan, that I was looking for him. No response from either till 7:32 p.m. yesterday, when the league released the following statement:

"As part of the Texas Rangers sale process, Tom Hicks selected the Chuck Greenberg/Nolan Ryan group as the chosen bidder on December 15, 2009 and entered into an exclusive agreement with that group. Major League Baseball is currently in control of the sale process and will use all efforts to achieve a closing with the chosen bidder. Any deviation from or interference with the agreed upon sale process by Mr. Hicks or any other party, or any actions in violation of MLB rules or directives will be dealt with appropriately by the Commissioner."

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