Mall? Rats.

The Village at Allen, where the parking lots go for miles

Gar Herring, president of MGHerring Group, is opening two malls more or less right on top of each other in coming months: The Village at Allen in October, followed by The Village at Fairview in August '09. Combined space: two million square feet, with shopping inside and out, in addition to countless other amenities, including an indoor-outdoor event center. Only, as Herring tells The Wall Street Journal's Ann Zimmerman, the malls ain't exactly filling up with retailers: "There just aren't enough tenants to go around," he says. Writes our former Observer-er: "The Herrings' big-box shopping center is slated to open next month and their open-air mall next August. But together, the projects are only 60% leased, based on figures the company provided."

The New York Times, which likewise enjoys the fine work of one Brian Harkin, addresses the same issue: too many malls, not enough folks to fill 'em. Only, it looks a little further north than Allen: to "the Dallas suburb of Sherman." And what does that make Durant then? --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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