Man Behind Dallas Fish Market is Now Planting a Steak Downtown

Less than nine months after Charlie Palmer opened an outpost at The Joule downtown comes this exclusive announcement from Downtown Dallas will, by summer 2009, have yet another steakhouse to gnaw on. It'll be called Dallas Chop House, and it'll go into the restaurant space currently sitting empty in the Comerica Bank Tower at 1717 Main Street. Only, not before the very optimistic Mike Hoque, the Go Fish owner who has signed a 10-year-lease, pours some $2 million into redoing the joint, construction of which is scheduled to begin in November. "We are going to build a brand that will be part of downtown Dallas and an institution," Hoque tells Connie Gore of the 126-seat eatery that's just blocks away from his other downtown Dallas restaurant, Dallas Fish Market. Only, somebody should tell Gore it's "Hoque," not "Hogue." --Robert Wilonsky


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