Mark Cuban Has a New ... Nemesis?

If the Mavericks keep blowing games to friggin' Oklahoma City, owner Mark Cuban will apparently blow a gasket and blow up his team.

Says Cuban, in the most violent finger-pointing of his 9-year regime.



"Not only did it look like we had no idea what we were doing, but we did it without effort ... If each player can't take the personal initiative to make every game important and play like it, I don't see them being here next season ... I would rather turn over the roster 100 percent than subject fans to another game like last night."

Two thoughts:



2. Wouldn't we have loved to have heard that kind of venom and resolve from Jerry Jones after 44-6?

A similar pratfall against tonight's opponent - San Antonio - and the Mavs' budding rivalry with the Spurs may wilt out of my Top 10 before it totally blooms.

Waiting in the wings ...

Cuban vs. a pissed-off, pro-active Spurs fan who also knows his way around a computer keyboard.

IFellintheRiverWalk.com. Touche'.

Cubes, your move.

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