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Mark Cuban on 'Roids: Rational or Ridiculous?

Not sure they're exactly akin to LASIK eye surgery or Tommy John arm reconstruction, but I agree with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban that - at some point in our athletic evolution - there will be a legal, legitimate place for steroids in sports.

"I'll get killed for saying this," Cuban said during a speech at the University of Pittsburgh this week, "but I'm not so against steroids if they're administered under proper supervision and there is no long-term damage."

Even though that sounds as harmless as being handed an empty gun by a police officer, I'm sure we'll hear from the likes of Don Hooton today screaming "Cuban is for steroids!"

But, to be fair, there is some important fine print on the owner's bold backing ...

1. Administered by a doctor.

2. Used to help athletes recover from injuries.

3. Come with no risk of long-term health effects.

So no, Barry Bonds, Cuban is not removing the asterisk from your bullshit.

What do you think: Is Cuban ahead of his time? Or simply off his rocker?

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Richie Whitt
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