Mark Cuban, Owner ... Texas Rangers?

Say it is so. And, I'll be damned, it is.

Taking three of four at Fenway for the first time in 15 years is impressive and acquiring Cliff Lee is intriguing, but the Texas Rangers luring Mark Cuban as a potential new owner is down right life-changing. (All I had to do was go on vacation and all this good stuff happens. Who knew?)

I asked Cuban about the Rangers a couple times as this ridiculous sale process has dragged on for a year now. Each time his answer was along the lines of "No thanks. They're too screwed up."

But yesterday Cuban reiterated to me that he has genuine, passionate interest in either helping push the Chuck Greenberg/Nolan Ryan group across the finish line or buying the baseball team all by himself. In an exchange of e-mails it became very clear, very quickly that this is way past kicking the tires. Cuban, who made a competitive bid for the Chicago Cubs in 2007, knows the intricate pros and cons of the process. He's workshopped it through to the point where he's adamant about retaining Greenberg and Ryan and he's well-versed in the trappings of a convoluted deal in which the land around Rangers Ballpark is now viewed by some as a necessary evil.

Says Cuban, "I'm digging in to find out what is actually happening."

Yes, Rangers fans, it's Christmas in July.

Cuban wouldn't automatically make the Rangers a winner. But they'd never again lose because of financial constraints or general mismanagement. Remember where the Mavericks were when he took over? And now: 10 consecutive seasons of 50-plus wins and playoff appearance and one trip to the NBA Finals.

In their 39-year history, the Rangers have won one playoff game

Cuban ain't perfect - you did see him sing at Wrigley Field, right? - but he's bold enough and smart enough and rich enough to stare down the vaunted Security Exchange Commission, make Ross Perot Jr. look silly and shove the Mavericks into national relevance. He's also down-to-earth enough to keep his finger on the pulse of his customers.

Cuban taking over for Tom Hicks would be like Cliff Lee relieving Chan Ho Park.

He'd be good for baseball.

He'd be great for the Rangers.

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