Mark Cuban Relates an Interesting Bill Gates Story, More or Less

Picture not taken at Comdex in the 1980s

Bill Gates is about to separate himself from Microsoft, not really, and CNET News got a few high-techies to offer their fave memories of the man married to St. Monica Catholic School and Ursuline Academy's bestest grad. Among the chosen people: Steve Jobs, Michael Dell and Mark Cuban, who recounts this one time, a long time ago, I remember it like it happened yesterday ...

"Back in the 1980s, Comdex was not just an industry confab, it was the ultimate party. I was dancing at one of the many events with a couple of girls who were clearly out of my league. All of a sudden, one of their friends comes over to us and tells me they are leaving to go to party with some guy named Bill Gates because he was worth, like, $60m."

In wholly unrelated news, I currently have $24 in my wallet. No, wait: $28! Oh, ladies ... --Robert Wilonsky

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