Mark Cuban to Ross Perot Jr.: Well, Allow Me to Retort

Just received an email from Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban regarding the lawsuit filed against him by former owner Ross Perot Jr.

I've covered the Mavs during both regimes and just let me say unequivocally that in any fight - fist, financial or basketball IQ - I'm siding with Cuban. In my earlier post I hinted at that, by stating that he "usually has his shit together."

Now Cuban is offering his retort. Jules would be so proud.

I'm totally paraphrasing here, but pretty sure it says "Bring it on Junior, because you're full of shit."

I dunno, maybe I'm reading it wrong. Jump, interpret and let me know ... 

Writes Cuban:

"I can only offer my opinion, which is that Ross Perot Jr must be desperate from the losses he has suffered from VIctory and his hedge funds. My lawyers have been open with our minority partners, and in Mr Perot's case, very minority, about the loans to the Mavericks.  The loans have been used to put the best possible Mavericks team on the court, which in turn created the NBA's longest sellout streak and drove business to the AAC/COC, and to Perot's Victory development. As best I could tell, he was very happy to take advantage of the traffic when he had an economic interest in Victory to do so. Unfortunately for Mr Perot, he was apparently unable to capitalize on the benefit and is trying to find nickels in the sofa cushion.

It is my understanding that Mr Perot has received legal notice of the loans since they began, right after the Mavs appearance in the Finals as we tried to improve the team further. Only he knows why he has chosen to file a lawsuit and to make it public. The unfortunate reality is that this is the nature of our business relationship with Mr Perot. From all i can tell, he could care less if the Mavs ever win a game.  I have to tell you that the biggest mistake I made in buying the Mavs was in not completely buying out his interest."

On second thought, my translation: "Suh-NAP!"

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.