Marty Pants

Marty Pants

Several Friends of Unfair Park have pointed our attention this a.m. to Mitch Albom's column in the Detroit Free Press, previewing the previously unfathomable Stars-Red Wings Game Six tonight at the American Airlines Center. Albom, the favorite sports columnist of every mother in America, writes that Red Wings netminder Chris Osgood has to be good tonight -- like, Marty Turco good, ya think? Because, ya know:

Marty Turco, more than any Dallas player, has inspired his team to rise from the near-dead and make these Western Conference finals a series. The entire Dallas roster knew that Turco hadn't won at Joe Louis Arena as a professional coming in here Saturday. So when he played "Yes I Can" hockey, what choice did the Stars have but to do the same?

Curious, though: What does Sammy Davis Jr. have to do with any of this? --Robert Wilonsky

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