Former CBS producer Mary Mapes

Mary Mapes Knows What Texans Like

Just noticed over on The Huffington Post that Jim Schutze's neighbor, Mary Mapes, wrote a piece about how the Texas primaries on March 4 will actually mean something, if you hadn't already figured it out -- and by something, Mapes writes, the primaries mean "maybe everything." The piece kind of serves as a Texas explainer to foreigners, by which I mean the rest of the country, and also as a kind of Obama endorsement, to wit:

Texans expect candidates to be entertaining. They can be funny like Ann Richards, a charming rogue like Charlie Wilson, or personable like George W. Bush used to be.

Obama has that -- and something more. For Texans old enough to remember, he recalls Barbara Jordan -- not because of race, but because of the power of the spoken word.

And, oh, for those of you who had something to say about this yesterday, I probably buried the lead, which is: "We've been waiting for y'all." --Robert Wilonsky

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