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Mavericks Acquire Pacman Jones

Well, not exactly. But stop me if you’ve heard this one before:

The player has been involved in three incidents with the police over the last 14 months, including marijuana found in his car and a murder suspect found in his home.

The coach: “He’s a good-hearted, hard-working kid. … He assured me that those things are in the past.”

The owner: “Wrong place, wrong time. He actually hasn’t done anything.”

The plan: Zero tolerance.

It’s not Wade Phillips and Jerry Jones talking about Pacman Jones, but rather Rick Carlisle and Mark Cuban talking about the newest Maverick, Shawne Williams.

Dallas acquired the 17th overall pick in the ’05 draft Friday from Indiana, in exchange for Eddie Jones, a couple second-round choices and a couple million bucks.

Williams, 22, has potential. Last year in Indiana he averaged 6 points and 3 rebounds in 65 games and he has the talent to help the Mavericks at forward.

And, even with his sketchy past, he’ll totally fly under the radar in a sports town ready to forgive and forget guys like Josh Hamilton, Pacman and Josh Howard

Or, did I just put him on our radar? – Richie Whitt

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