Mavs-Spurs Game 6 Irrationally Optimistic Game 6 Preview

Dallas Mavericks' guard Jason Terry is guaranteeing a victory in tonight's Game 6 against the Spurs in San Antonio, which would force a dramatic Game 7 Saturday at American Airlines Center.

"No question. We're coming back," Terry said. "We have to. It's our mission. Our job is to go down there and get this win and come on back."

Who's with him?!

My hand is raised.

When the Mavs hosted the Sacramento Kings in Game 7 of their pulsating playoff series in 2003, then-assistant coach Avery Johnson erased all the game-plan etchings on the team's locker-room grease board and simply drew a heart. Effort and desperation will surely play a part in tonight's game, but hopefully the Mavs gleaned a blueprint from Tuesday's Game 6.

Simply put, the faster they play the better they play.

The formula for success goes like this ...

Brendan Haywood starts at center, Erick Dampier disappears, Jason Kidd pushes, Caron Butler drives and Dirk Nowitzki is Dirk Nowitzki. Oh yeah, and first team to 100 wins.

The Mavs won 27 road games this season, so this moment shouldn't be too big for them. I know that the Spurs are grizzled veterans with a championship pedigree, but consider a couple chinks in their armor:

Since turning 34 last Sunday, Tim Duncan has made only 4 of 18 shots. And since breaking his nose, Manu Ginobli is just 6 of 23 from the field. It may take another 29-point miracle by George Hill to save the Spurs, as it did in Game 4. Does he have that in him?

The Mavs won an epic Game 7 at the AT&T Center in 2006. Can they repeat the feat in 2010?

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