Mavs Win. Fan Makes Half-Court Shot. Ho and Hum.

The good news: Mavs win again. Their sixth in a row, this one over the Houston Rockets comfortably, 101-91, last night at American Airlines Center. Dallas is 13-4 and on one of its trademark rolls that annually leads to 50-plus wins come April.

The bad news: Rookie guard Dominique Jones has been uninspiring. Last night he committed three turnovers in eight minutes of garbage time and was subsequently sent down/up 75 to the Texas Legends of the D-League, where he'll suit up and play for at least the rest of this week.

The incredible news: Another fan made a half-court shot.

You can have all the fake, choreographed, gimme-a-million attempt guys trying to make steal a buck and their 15 seconds of fame, I'll take the guy having a hot dog and a beer who is suddenly yanked on court and presented with the task of making a one-and-done, half-court shot in front of 20,000 folks and live television cameras.

The guy last night - though he technically stepped over the half-court line - made his shot and went on a classic celebratory run complete with a jersey-poppin' taunt of the Rockets' bench and high fives through the Mavericks' timeout huddle.

In Sacramento a guy won a car. At a Lakers' game a guy netted a cool $235,000. According to sideline reporter Skin last night - I think I heard this right - the Mavs' shot-maker won ... "lots of cool autographed stuff."

At least this Mavs' fan from last year won $10,000. I guess the price of "incredible" is plummeting.

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