Max Wells Has it in for Tom Leppert, Even As Sam Coats is Getting Seriously Cute in His Latest Ad

Well, we were going to link to Max Wells' latest TV spot, in which some hired gun sits on his front-porch rocking chair while taking shots at Tom Leppert's love for Hawaii and that $6.6 mil check Turner Construction had to write to the government. Only, the ad, which was on Wells' multimedia Web page about 20 minutes ago, is now missing. 'Sup with that? We called Wells' media consultant, Lisa LeMaster, to ask her, but she was on the phone. Her assistant said she'd call back, and we'll update when she does. (Update: LeMaster said the ad will be reposted momentarily. She says the wrong cut was posted to the site, and "the one that's on television will be up shortly." Update Squared: It's up.)

Till then, instead of giving you Wells' attack ad, we can only offer up the latest from Sam Coats, who is apparently going in the opposite direction by chasing the voter who wants an adorable mayor. Because, seriously, this guy may or may not make a good mayor, but he's amazing Grampa Sam material. --Robert Wilonsky

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