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Mayor Mike to Debut Plans for Fixing Dallas ISD, Growing Southern Dallas Next Week

Jim will be along shortly with his take on the passionate discussion surrounding Uplift Education's efforts to get the city to assist with the selling of bonds to help with the charter school's expansion. I'll just note this: During his closing remarks on the subject, just before council voted to delay the issue till a full briefing can be brought to the horseshoe next week, Mayor Mike Rawlings came this close to cry-shouting about the subject of the Dallas Independent School District and how it's time to help "the poor kids" in the city. Said the mayor: He's going to take on the DISD "in a personal way" beginning next week.

I asked the mayor's chief of staff, Paula Blackmon, what he meant by this. She would only say that the mayor will address the subject Monday, at Jack Matthews's South Side Studios on 2901 S. Lamar, when he unveils his so-called Southern Dallas Economic Growth Plan. That will take place beginning at 4 p.m.; says the invite, the event should last till 6 and includes some sort of a reception with the mayor.

But Monday's presentation is merely the first of three Rawlings will give; the others follow at the same spot, at the same time, on February 23 and March 1. Blackmon says the presentations will be the same on each day. If you're interested in hearing Rawling speak in person, you're invited: Just send an RSVP to this email address. And be sure to let them know which presentation you plan on attending.

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