Gonna buy five copies for her mother: Mayor Laura makes Rolling Stone, and we didn't even know she released a single.

Mayor on the Cover of the Rolling Stone

Well, not exactly on the cover. But Mayor Laura Miller is indeed in the latest issue of Rolling Stone (the one with James Brown on the cover; the mayor's on page 39, to be exact). She's featured in a story about TXU and the proposed 11 coal-fired powerplants it wants to build throughout the state.

The piece -- written by Jeff Goodell, author of the book Big Coal: The Dirty Secret Behind America's Energy Future -- says nothing locals probably don't already know: TXU's going to choke us all to death with carbon monoxide and likely go broke in the process (sample quote: "If TXU sneaks its plants in under the regulatory wire, it will get to pollute the planet for free."). Nonetheless, there's something jarring about seeing the mayor sandwiched between stories about Nora Jones, James Brown and the late Ahmet Ertegun. Our favorite sentence? "Pissing off Miller was not a smart move." Just ask Schutze. --Robert Wilonsky

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