Mayor's Pro-Hotel Group to Make Its Bow Tomorrow at City Hall

Well, Merten called it yesterday, when he pointed out that Mayor Tom and Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau reps would be making their case for that convention center hotel during a press conference tomorrow that's unfurling in the City Hall Flag Room smack in the middle of the city council's action-packed whassup. Says the media release we just received, at 11:30 tomorrow morning, the mayor, city council members Ron Natinsky and Tennell Atkins (and others, more than likely), reps from the North Dallas Chamber and so forth will debut their pro-hotel group, intended to counter Citizens Against the Taxpayer-Owned Hotel's campaign. Becky Mayad won't give up the group's moniker -- "It'll be unveiled tomorrow, you'll just have to be there" -- but when asked if it would be "catchier" than the opposition's, she told Unfair Park, "Of course." --Robert Wilonsky


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