Meet Bill Paxton. Hell of a Nice Guy.

The AFI Dallas International Film Fest's getting off to an early start -- today, matter of fact. From 2 to 3:30 p.m., Fort Worth native Bill Paxton's gonna do a meet-and-greet courtesy the Dallas Producers Association. It'll take place at the Sambuca on McKinney Ave., and it'll cost you a mere 10 bucks -- and that gets you coffee, dessert and the chance to meet Chet from Weird Science. And, shit, valet parking's gratis. What's your excuse? Well, besides the fact the thing's bound to fill up fast.

Funny thing about Chet: When Paxton was inducted into the Texas Film Hall of Fame throwdown a couple weeks back in Austin, organizers screened a highlight reel featuring most of the things Paxton's done in his career -- ya know, Aliens, True Lies, Apollo 13, the HBO series Big Love, Twister, Titanic, U-571, even Predator 2. And the thing that got the most cheers? When Chet showed up. Something about the words "monkey dick" get a round of applause every time.

And he knows it: At the South by Southwest Film Festival a few days back, my dear friend Christy Lemire of the Associated Press moderated a Q&A with Paxton, during which she brought up Weird Science. His response: "Chet was kind of an amalgamation of my sadistic camp days and my dad." His dad was in the audience. Both father and son couldn't have been nicer. So stop by Samubca today to say howdy to Paxton, who produced and has a small role in a movie in the AFI, The Good Life. You'd best hurry: Send your RSVP here and hope for a reply saying yer in. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.