Takudzwa Ngwenya, just your average radiology student at Brookhaven College

Meet the Most Famous Rugby Player Ever to Emerge from Brookhaven College

Remember the name Takudzwa Ngwenya. Fine, try to pronounce it, then remember it, because the Zimbabwe-born Dallasite is about to become the biggest thing in rugby. It's more or less because of the one play below, which comes from the U.S. Rugby team's 64-15 loss to South Africa last week in the Rugby World Cup 2007. Ngwenya scorched past South African's beloved top-scorer Bryan Habana, who would later insist, "I won't let that happen again."

Says his U.S. Rugby profile, he's 22, currently lives in Little Elm, moved to the U.S. around 2003, played on a Plano high school team for a while, then went on to play for the Texas Select Side, before joining the national team. And, he's "currently attending Brookhaven and is majoring in Radiology." But, perhaps, not for long: Says here he wants to wind up playing for a "top club" in Europe, and he just might get his wish. --Robert Wilonsky

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