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Meet the Woman Who Has Royally Pissed Off Tom Hicks

For those keeping tabs on Tom Hicks and his controversial stewardship of Liverpool FC, the story only gets more and more interesting -- as in, Hicks appears close to jumping in the sack with the former galpal of Prince Andrew, who's repping Dubai International Capital's efforts to buy out Hicks. On Tuesday, we mentioned Hicks' efforts to buy out his own partner, George Gillett, after Hicks and Gillett turned down the Dubai royal family's offer of $800 million. But looks like Gillett is instead selling his 50-percent stake to DIC, heh, which will in turn offer Hicks 1 percent of Gillett's former shares -- thus giving Hicks majority control of the club.

But Hicks is furious that news of the deal has leaked -- and he's specifically upset over whispers that the deal will eventually lead to DIC's taking total control of Liverpool FC, leaving Hicks with only his Dallas Stars and Texas Rangers. And for all of it he blames a woman named Amanda Staveley, the "unlikely hero for Liverpool" who's brokering the deal on behalf of DIC and who will become a Liverpool director if the deal goes down.

Says Staveley, Andrew's ex: "Of course the negotiations are complicated - the investment is very important to Tom and George, as it is to us. But it means a great deal to have the fans' support. Liverpool has a huge following in Dubai and the Middle East."

Says Hicks: "She should also know better than to release actual copies of my private correspondence to the press. If she thinks that is an appropriate way to acquire a stake in Liverpool FC, she'd better think again." Like Tom Hicks scares a woman who had to meet with the Queen's approval. --Robert Wilonsky

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