Messages to Lisa--Or Else!

In the ongoing soap opera at Water of Life Church in Plano, preacher Doyle Davidson has posted another "message to Lisa" with a new tidbit of information--and what reads like a threat. For the first time, Davidson says that the church--and the Spirit of the Lord--bought Lisa and J.R. Staton a house. Was the church leadership aware that Davidson was having an affair with Lisa Staton at the time? Who knows?

His most recent message invites Lisa to watch this week's broadcasts of the Water of Life show on Channel 55. Does Davidson have another message coming down the pike or is he just trying to boost his ratings? --Glenna Whitley

Messages to Lisa September 8, 2006 Dear Lisa, You don't want to miss the Saturday night, Sunday night, Monday night, Tuesday night, and Wednesday night broadcasts on Channel 55. God bless you, Doyle

September 7, 2006 Hello Lisa, This afternoon I was biking in front of the house that the Spirit of the Lord provided for you to live in through me, located at 1709 Walters, Plano Texas. As I was riding by, I was reminded that it will be two years on September 9, 2006 since I was asked by Plano police to step out on the landing entering into your door. You had called them and accused me falsely along with JR (the wimp - my words) and JR (the liar - God's words.) There they claim to have given me a sobriety test and told me they were arresting me for public intoxication. I had not been in the public until they ask me to go outside. You and the wimp - my words and the liar - God's words, did not need to let them take me outside. You could have said we do not want him to leave the house, then there would have been no need for the police to file a false arrest. But you see you and the wimp - my words and the liar - God's words are responsible before God for my false arrest. Lisa, you, the wimp, and the police are held accountable before God. Do you see why God did not have me appeal the arrest, although the booking officer at the Plano jail told me I could appeal the arrest? I did not need to; God will take care of all of you. God bless you, Doyle September 4, 2006

Dear Lisa, You and those that have gathered around you are unruly, vain talkers, and deceivers and your mouths must be stopped. God bless you, Doyle

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