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Michael's Rules of Order: Rules of Engagement for Saturday's Redistricting Meeting

Given the standing-room-only turnout for the Redistricting Commission's August 20 public hearing, I have no doubt the council chambers will again be jam-packed tomorrow, when the city council meets to discuss those 10 proposed amendments to the commission's submission(s). I mean, after yesterday's preview performance, that's going to be some show.

That said, Mayor Mike wants to keep the meeting at civilized as possible -- "effective and efficient," as he put it in a memo to council hat just landed in the inbox. Let's review the rules, then:

In order to run an effective and efficient meeting on Redistricting tomorrow afternoon, the following rules of engagement will be in order for each map presented:
  • Each presenter will be given a specific allotted time depending on the final maps presented and this will be determined close to the start of the meeting. If a presenter has two maps, I may ask to bundle them together and time adjustments will be given.
  • City Council has approximately 5-10 minutes total to ask questions for clarifications about amendments only. Please no debate at this time.
  • The General Public will then be given specific allotted time to discuss the strengths/weakness of the map and each speaker will be asked to limit their comments to two maps only. Speakers have until 2PM on Saturday to sign up to speak.
At the close of the meeting, each Councilmember will be given 5 minutes apiece to express their opinions about the amendments to the maps.

If we keep to this process, we will have an open and productive meeting.
Anna's review of the performancerecap of the meeting is coming Sunday morning.

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