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Mike Bacsik's Tweet Might Have Gotten Him Fired, But At Least It Inspired a Song

San Antonio's Krayolas have been around a long while -- since the late '70s, on and off. I'd definitely start with Best Riffs Only, which collects the early singles that sound alternately like the Sir Doug, the Kinks and the Beatles, but the newer comeback stuff's top-notch too, especially '08's La Conquistadora.

That said, this'll probably be your introduction to the band fronted by Hector Saldana: the brand-new single "1070 (I'm Your Dirty Mexican)," inspired by a certain ex-Ticket producer-host's tweet and Arizona Immigration Law SB 1070. Says Saldana, after "the 'Dirty Mexican' tweet from Dallas, combined with Arizona S.B. 1070, I rushed into the studio."

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