Mmmm, 7-Eleven Now Has Its Very Own Brand of Beef Jerky

From the sound of this morning's announcement, Dallas-based 7-Eleven has decided that sooner or later, everything in the joint will be branded with the brand name. Three months ago, word was the convenience store chain was expanding into the Jamaican beef patties business -- which was fine with a handful of Friends for whom a 7-Eleven lunch beats a 'Bucks snack attack. Today, 7-Eleven's going Private Label, selling 32 items --  among them such items as cookies, nuts, potato chips, beef jerky, trail mix, chocolate-covered pretzels and coffee espresso beans, raisins and peanuts and other assorted candies -- under the 7-Select name, with the intention of upping the number to 180-plus by early '09.

The reason? Just cheaper, that's all, say the Big BossesGulps at One Arts Plaza. Better too, they insist -- only, we'll be the judge of that, soon as they send over a crate of the jerky and chocolate-covered espresso beans. Taste test? Sounds perfect for City of Ate. Oh, Dave? --Robert Wilonsky

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